Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Island Coconut Hula Cookies

Kaia, getting her Hula on at 5

Oh Boy! Hawaiian beaches and tropical breezes with the rhythmic sites and sounds of the Hula! In these moments when I am yearning to pack my sarong and head off to find a hidden paradise, I sometimes need to rethink my approach, “resorting” to other means of immediate gratification…  and then instead of finding myself on a beach I find myself in the kitchen!

I’ve discovered flinging myself onto a beach or into the kitchen are extremely different, while both produce relaxing and delicious results, and both are bringing some fun attention to our ‘Muffin Tops’!

Mixing it up~ Organic everything is more important than ever. Some extraordinary souls have always lived with allergies and intolerance to corn, soy or wheat. Now with the ‘still unlabeled’ GMO’s in our food supply, allergies and food sensitivities are on the rise with the population at large.

I have been cooking and baking vegetarian in a swinging kitchen for several decades. Many of our friends and family need to stick to a gluten free diet and this has inspired me more to create new recipes and add a different twist to favorite ones.

These Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies are extremely light, moist and chewy. Put on your straw hat, straw skirt, bikini top, get your HULA on and start stirring!!   

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Recipes To Live By

Me, at age 2 1/2
Hello there. I have been away, sort of speak, receiving news and some changes the best I can.
Changes are often unexpected, sometimes we can accept them easier than others. When easy is not the case, in the short run my emotions can sometimes start to spiral into old patterns of survival that have never served me well in the long run. Times like these I am grateful to have all the self-help education that I do, but honestly I first turn to support I’ve always depended on and recall the sayings my Grandmother shared with me growing up to help me get back on track. My grandmother never had what we know as a traditional education, but she was beyond genius as a mentor when it came to matters of the heart and home.  
My Grandma, Rosa Morton in 1975

I call these, “Recipes To Live By"

“If you don’t put the best love into what you’re cooking, you and others won’t get the best nourishment from what you’re serving.”

Remembering her sayings along with other disciplines have encouraged me to investigate why disparaging thoughts come up for myself at all. This set me on a lifelong quest into the light, understanding these thoughts and experiences as beliefs passed on from someone else’s physical and emotional pain that I felt I deserved and over time I eventually owned them as real instead of illusion.

You can try a little of this and a little of that, but it’s a dedication to quality, 
with love for yourself and others that makes a decent life.”

As a child, we don’t fully grasp how to ‘not take things personally’. Just as soon as we do take the actions and decisions of others as personal at any age, we remove ‘our true self’ from being present. We take away the JOY of believing without a doubt that we are loved, replacing that confidence with feelings of being judged, thought of as less important, or the fear of being rejected. We can slip into patterns we are 'familiar' with to avoid being alone, while slipping further into self-doubt and separateness. You are a divine being!

“Two wrongs will never make a right!” 
“Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness"

When we judge what others are choosing, doing, or saying as wrongness, aware of it or not, we begin carrying those very same judgments on ourselves. Judgments pile on limitations for what we will allow ourselves to experience.  People change, we change, change happens, but it doesn’t have to take us away from love and out of JOY unless we let it.

“The only way you can get it right, is not to give up trying for what you want”

The answer may be letting go of needing the ‘right’ answer, but never give up on finding a purpose. Celebrate the people and times that have given you value, given you morals, given you LOVE, HOPE and JOY, and forget the rest. Set your sails to the wind on a course without judgment, without regret, shame or blaming anyone. Without hiding the truth or telling lies to yourself or others, you can clean, clean, clean your data bank clear of the thoughts that keep you in struggle.  Whatever your faith is, allow yourself to trust in that and trust in you. When you make a commitment greater than yourself to enrich the lives of others, you experience more growth joy and satisfaction in your life. The outcome in doing all this is the freedom to live as the beautiful divine being that YOU are!

More of Todays Special  Recipes:

A Mouth Full: “How Can it get any better than this?” and “What else is possible?” Surrender in joy; trusting that whatever is next does have a greater purpose and is intended to help you. All of life comes to you with Ease, JOY and Glory

Soup du Jour: “The Four Agreements”, by Miguel Ruiz. It is the simplest, most delicious foundation I’ve ever found to live by. It’s available in book and CD on the The Four Agreements I personally love taking the CD on the road.

Satisfying Choice: Are you looking for a deeper understanding into yourself and what’s been driving your behavior? The Enneagram is an ancient study providing a system of understanding; similar to astrology but more reflective with guidance than fixed. Here are some of the best sites for more information: How the Enneagram System Works , Enneagram in a Nutshell

A Clean Plate: The book “Zero Limits” reveals Dr. Hew Len’s method for cleaning the data bank of our past. It reveals the true cause for everything that happens to you, and how to "clean" the negativity so you can re-connect with the Divine. Ho'Oponopono

Intoxicating Desert: Are you looking to contribute your evolution to the conscious evolution of humanity as a whole? There’s a new world to be had: BIRTH 2012-Committing to the Greater Good

I would love you to share your recipes and personal insights on the journey to

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